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    • Husen Sipai

      February 12th, 2015

      Placement Testimonial
      Arena-Drive-In is the best center of study and their faculty are give our best way of su

    • Kush Joshi

      February 9th, 2015

      Placement Testimonial
      It name is enough, Arena Drive-In is best centre of India, faculties are make me much co

    • Dolar Patel

      January 22nd, 2015

      Placement Testimonial
      It was a great pleasure to study at Arena Animation Drive-In Centre.

    • Om Kumar Govani

      January 12th, 2015

      Placement Testimonial
      It has been an awesome experience to express myself digitally at Arena Animation Drive-I

    • Deexa Patel

      December 22nd, 2014

      Placement Testimonial
      I had very best time at Arena Drive-In.

    • Divya Battu

      December 18th, 2014

      Placement Testimonial
      Thanks to Arena Drive-In for giveing me the capability to work and earn.

    • Bharat Prajapati

      December 17th, 2014

      Placement Testimonial
      The faculties are very supportive and helped me a lot to enhabce my creativity and achie

    • Yogesh Sevak

      November 10th, 2014

      Placement Testimonial
      Arena Animation Drive-In center is the best institute for web designing.

    • Dharmesh Prajapati

      November 3rd, 2014

      Placement Testimonial
      Thanks for giving me the oppurtunity and make my future bright.

    • Parth Pancholi

      October 27th, 2014

      Placement Testimonial
      Arena Animation Drive-In Centre’s job placement is good.

    • Mehul Patel

      October 20th, 2014

      Placement Testimonial
      ‘Arena Animation Drive-In’ the name is enough in the corporate world.

    • Deval Sudra

      October 18th, 2014

      Placement Testimonial
      I have always got motivation from my faculties.

    • Parin Patel

      September 17th, 2014

      Placement Testimonial
      Placement was done by quickly.

    • Janhavi Ajmera

      September 2nd, 2014

      Placement Testimonial
      Thnak you for such a good support and opportunities.

    • Kishor Hirani

      June 26th, 2014

      Placement Testimonial
      In Arena Animation,faculty gives as best knowledge for professional work.

    • Jinal Dhingani

      May 24th, 2014

      Placement Testimonial
      Very happy to get job while studying, satisfied with placement.

    • Ashish Modi

      May 22nd, 2014

      Placement Testimonial
      Good opportunity to job and salary.

    • Rahul Vadodariya

      May 20th, 2014

      Placement Testimonial
      Thank You Arena Drive-In
      Course: AAIP
      Company: Skad Communication
      As a: Graphics Designe

    • Paras Jain

      May 14th, 2014

      Placement Testimonial
      Thank you,every much for this work enjoying do it.
      Course: B.

    • Rizwan Phasa

      April 30th, 2014

      Placement Testimonial
      It’s good to be here at Arena.
      Course: B.

    • Hinal Patel

      April 16th, 2014

      Placement Testimonial
      Arena Animation Institute its like a animation of world for me.

    • Sanyog Malviya

      February 26th, 2014

      Placement Testimonial
      For me Arena is not only a good Institue but also has well experince is media field with

    • Yash Gandhi

      February 6th, 2014

      Placement Testimonial
      Arena helps to gain skill level with the help of expaties to tthe course meet I have don

    • Bharat Bhushan

      December 5th, 2013

      Placement Testimonial
      Arena is the great Institute.Who give me a great opportunity.

    • Hardik Chavda

      November 20th, 2013

      Placement Testimonial
      They help me fullfill my carrier.

    • Trisha Gupta

      September 16th, 2013

      Placement Testimonial
      Arena is a good institute which encourages students.

    • Nitin Suthar

      August 1st, 2013

      Placement Testimonial
      Arena is very good very supportive faculty members.
      Course: AAIP
      Company: Aahax Pvt.

    • Pradip Patel

      July 29th, 2013

      Placement Testimonial
      If the is a good company environment, there is friendly too.

    • Jenish Borwal

      June 12th, 2013

      Placement Testimonial
      One way for build new Animation Carrier.

    • Nitisha Gupta

      June 4th, 2013

      Placement Testimonial
      Arena Multimedia the best institute,faculties are the best,every time ready to help us s

    • Nirav Mistry

      May 29th, 2013

      Placement Testimonial
      In Arena Animation faculty giving as best knowlage for professional work it’s give

    • Kushagri Patel

      May 25th, 2013

      Placement Testimonial
      Arena Multimedia is very nice and its Education is help me in meeting my goal.

    • Mayur Masani

      May 24th, 2013

      Placement Testimonial
      It’s good I am satisfied this work.

    • Tejas Maijadiya

      May 6th, 2013

      Placement Testimonial
      Arena kept their word of mouth and helped me find proper job right in time.

    • Mehul Gajjar

      September 1st, 2012

      Placement Testimonial
      Good help us to build my carrier.

    • Jayna Mehta

      August 30th, 2012

      Placement Testimonial
      I would like to thank the entire team of Arena Animation for making my successful carrie

    • Chintan Patel

      August 28th, 2012

      Placement Testimonial
      Arena Multimedia gives excellent job placement for the students.

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Making of Anigraph 2014

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